Aask Corporation

M/S AASK CORPORATION is the Engineering & Trading concern and part of AASK GROUP, which is involved in the Engineering Consultancy Projects in Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering fields relating Electricity Distribution System (EDS).

From initial feasibility studies to final checkout and startup, AASK Engineering provides the cost-effective engineering solutions you need for upgrading, expanding, repairing and maintaining your power system assets efficiently in the current unpredictable economic environment. Our experienced engineering staff will work with you to understand your needs. We’ll develop recommendations and solutions based on your objectives, current facilities and budget. We’ll provide comprehensive, single-point-of-contact project management and help ensure that your custom-built project is implemented in the most timely and cost-efficient manner.We are specialized in designing and planning of Reliable, Beneficial, Smooth and Safe Electricity Distribution Systems including Civil Structures. AASK Corporation and AASK Traders & Contractors also render professional services in Electrical, Civil & Mechanical Engineering fields.

The Firm’s registrations are as given below:


  • Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council Islamabad Pakistan in Electrical Engineering fields Vide CONSULT # 1141
  • Registration with Tax Department Islamabad Pakistan Vide NTN # 1273571-0
  • Registration with ELECTRICAL INSPECTORATE, Government of Punjab Vide # IR-36-C
  • Registration with Islamabad Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Vide # M 4400
  • The firm is duly recognized and pre-qualified by CDA Islamabad & WAPDA/PEPCO.


Our firm’s specialized fields are as detailed below:

  • Resolution of Technical, Commercial, Financial and all other matters relating Electricity Distribution System(EDS) with WAPDA/PEPCO, NEPRA and consumers. More details: EDS (Electrical Distribution Systems) Installation & Construction.
    Service Highlights:

    • Electricity Distribution Loss control and Energy Conservation
    • Technical & Financial evaluation of Electric Power Distribution Systems of all categories
    • Maintenance & Operation of Under Ground Electricity Distribution Systems Billing, Disconnection & Reconnection Metering, Testing and accuracy distribution Transformers Repair, maintenance and operation
  • Designing , Planning & Supervision of Electricity Distribution Systems-Overhead & Underground (HT & LT Systems.) More details: EDS Consulting & Supervision.
  • Substation Engineering & Design.
  • Designing, Planning & Supervision of Electricity Distribution Grid Stations.
  • Electric Power Assessment, Management & Loss Control
  • Designing Planning of Internal Electrification.
  • Energy Conservation.
  • Registered Specialists in Testing of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment.
  • Trading & Repairing of EDS Equipment.
  • Consultation, Investigation, Evaluation and Management services requiring Electrical & Civil Engineering knowledge.
  • Design and preparation of plans, specifications and estimates for Civil Structures/Works.
  • Impartation of training to Electrical Engineering Professionals.
  • We are the sole representatives of Gas Power Generators for DBK Engineering San Diego, USA.

Here is the list of our projects:

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Projects Completed.

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